Andy Jurik


The album-length song cycle re-imagines folk songs (four ballads and one instrumental) with a contemporary sensibility, fusing clawhammer banjo and narrative songs with a post-minimalist aesthetic. Honest and intriguing, Rounder Songs unites the traditional with the modern in a stunning, beautiful fashion.

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Scott Mervis

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Folk singer-songwriter Emily Pinkerton and her classical composer husband Patrick Burke meet in the middle on “Rounder Songs,” stunning new song cycle with a murderous ring. 

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The recording's most memorable setting is its sole instrumental, “Three Forks of Hell.” A stately rendering of a Civil War-era tune, the dream-like reverie mesmerizes in the way banjo picking blends with a rich and ever-coursing swirl of woodwinds and piano. Its six minutes are so captivating, in fact, one can't help but wonder how compelling a wholly instrumental full-length featuring the same personnel would be.

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John Schaefer


Performed solo with her banjo, with an ensemble that includes a piano and flute, I hear a Copland-like yearning, and she describes it as being “21st century post-minimalist classical music and North American old-time.” Whatever you call it, it’s also timeless.

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Amos Perrine

Interview with Emily and Patrick about "Pretty Polly" and the Rounder Songs collaboration, bringing old-time and new music together.

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One Track

Anthony Joseph Lanman